Delmar Community Orchestra
to our Orchestra!

For more than sixty years, the Delmar Community Orchestra has provided a place for people to play, to listen, and to love music.

How to join the Orchestra

Membership in the Delmar Community Orchestra is open to instrumentalists age 12 and older.  All levels of ability are invited to join.  No auditions are required, and section seating is rotational. For information about joining the orchestra, please contact the orchestra at, or by calling 439-6558

Attendance policy:

Becoming a Member: An individual is considered a member upon joining the orchestra.

Concert Series: The DCO presents four concert series per year (fall, holiday, winter, and spring). Each concert series includes four to six rehearsals and two concerts.

Rehearsal Attendance: Every member should attend all rehearsals to best understand the Conductor’s directions, changes and musical interpretations, and to practice with his/her fellow members. Our conductors indicate that attendance for at least three rehearsals is necessary to ensure adequate preparation for concerts.

Absences: Intheeventofprolongedabsenceormultiple absences during a concert series, a member may be unable to attend enough rehearsals to be prepared for the concerts. Any member who is unprepared may sit out the concerts in that series, but is encouraged to continue with the orchestra for the next concert series. The conductor has the discretion to determine whether a member who has missed several rehearsals is prepared for a performance.

Exceptions: Exceptions to this policy can be made at the conductor’s discretion to fill parts and ensure balanced sections.

Scheduled Absences: If you anticipate a scheduled prolonged absence, such as living out of town for part of the year or travel for work, please let the President know to ensure that your name is not inadvertently dropped from the Membership Roster.

Seating Policy:

At the start of each concert series, members shall work with their fellow section members to determine seating and music parts, taking care to ensure the regular rotation of seating and parts, so all members have the opportunity (if they choose) to experience more challenging situations and to ensure that all parts are adequately covered.

Because membership fluctuates every season, the number of 1st, 2nd and 3rd parts will vary. The Conductor may request members to move or play different music parts for the concert series or for a particular piece of music in order to balance sound and/or dynamics within the sections.

When a member returns from a prolonged absence (where other members have stepped in to cover their parts) or after an absence on the first day of the concert series (where seating and parts were determined), the member may be asked to take a different seat or music part than expected for that concert series.

The Concert Master in conjunction with the conductor decides bowing for violins and is available to assist with fingering or to simplify difficult passages.

The Concert Master is selected by the Board and Conductor in June and serves in that capacity for a year. Members interested in serving as Concert Master are encouraged to make this known to the Board and Conductor.